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    Web site development

    Frequently asked questions

    How to start the development of a website?

    Each development project must have an analysis of requirements, objectives and expectations of your business. The digital resources that you can currently count on are evaluated and a study of the medium or market niche where it will be implemented is carried out. This, through an evaluation meeting.

    What are the requirements to start a project?

    Through a meeting between the parties, we will obtain all the necessary information, this will allow us to clarify the segment of your business. We will carry out a metadata study and define the opportunities and methodology to be applied in the development of the website.

    How will we handle the competition?

    We will evaluate your competition, identify opportunities to improve your exposure, and develop a tailored strategy. We will use key development code to enhance your presence in search networks, and we will constantly measure the behavior indicators of your site to debug bugs, and perfect the site.

    How long can the project take?

    Determining the implementation time is a subjective detail, everything will depend on the complexity and size of your website. A previous analysis will allow clarifying and designing the development strategy, this can take around 48 hours, while the assembly of a parameterized website of average size can take approximately 3 weeks. At the time of defining the project guidelines we will be able to provide you with more precise times.

    Can we improve our website?

    Updating or improving a website is fully feasible. In fact, having a website that already has traffic and a history of internet interactions is extremely helpful. The internet is based on metadata, which are used by search networks as traceability guides for your site, this resource is what should be used to reduce the positioning time of your web page. Other types of resources such as hosting may need to be updated, but these are considerations to be addressed in the analysis of the project.

    Do you provide maintenance and support services?

    Desde luego, su sitio web dispondrá de un contrato de prestación de servicios de soporte, el cual garantizará tiempos de respuesta de cada requerimiento, o tiempos de implementación calendarizados en requerimiento de mayor complejidad.

    Use of logos / isotypes

    There are 2 options regarding the availability of logos:
    1. That the client already has a pre-designed logo, for this it will be necessary to have this resource in editable format (adobe illustrator), as well as the brand use manual, which defines the provisions, colors and standards.
    2. That the client does not have a logo, for this we have design and illustration people who can develop their custom brand. Once the project is finished, you will be able to count on the logo in an editable format, manual for the use of the brand and provisions, stationery design and materials.

    Ecommerce Solutions

    Frequently asked questions

    What platform / system is the most recommended?

    Two of the leading E-Commerce tools today are WordPress Woo-Commerce and Shopify, with global eCommerce sales reaching $4.28 billion, there has never been a better time to launch an online store. Determining the technology to use in your virtual store depends on the dynamics and demands of your business model. A previous approach will allow us to define the most convenient solution.

    What means of payment can be associated?

    The means of payment are multiple, from Paypal, which is one of the tools with the highest traffic in payment of products and services on the Internet, to credit and debit cards; it is possible to use them separately or together, in this last model, the user determines the most comfortable means of payment for their use.

    Inventory management?

    Both Woo Commerce and Shopify solutions have inventory management modules. On this point, Woo Commerce has an advantage, and that is that as it is open software, it is possible to integrate with parallel solutions that the client may have in use.

    Accreditation of Payments?

    The accreditation of payments is subject to the policies of the integrator of each country, at this point PayPal is a great advantage, since the accreditations are immediate. While in payment systems with credit cards, the availability of the money that has been received will depend on the current legislation in each nation.

    Social Media

    Frequently asked questions

    How is content planning done?

    Defining the strategy and the objective that we want to achieve in social networks is the beginning of the approach. This will allow us to know the methodology that we will apply, the social network where your customer target is located, content design, among others. The contents are planned 1 month in advance, or more, this depending on seasonality and other considerations, will go through an evaluation and approval process prior to publication. Finally, the permanent measurement of results will allow us to identify the effectiveness based on indicators.

    How will the content be obtained?

    There are several ways to obtain it, from a bank of material that the client already has, or the creation of content through photography or filming. At the initial scoping meeting, the necessary material will be determined and the procurement of this material will be scheduled.

    How often are the posts made?

    The publications are made depending on the objective, they can be daily, or frequently on specific days. Likewise, the means of exhibition are multiple, such as stories, rells, gallery format, or video. Our planning staff will determine these variables in the schedule designed for each project.

    What are the recommended investments?

    The recommended investments depend on the universe to which we are focused on advertising. It can be an open spectrum, or it is possible to reach much more specific segments such as website visitors, or a particular product. Investments in targeted remarketing are one of the best strategies today, investment costs are much lower and conversions are higher.

    Search Engine Optimization / SEO

    Frequently asked questions

    Why is my website not ranking organically?

    The origin of the failure in the web positioning of a particular website can be many, including:

    • Website without defined structure
    • Broken internal links
    • Does not meet the minimum demands of google
    • Its architecture has not been declared to google
    • Other strategic positioning services are not active
    • Performance or slow loading of the website, associated with code problems
    • Websites do not have security certificates, and are generating spam
    Can the errors of my current website be corrected and positioned?

    An in-depth evaluation of the website will allow us to know the feasibility, and what necessary rules for positioning are not being followed. Sometimes, websites that are several years old and have not been renovated, it may be cheaper to rebuild the site from scratch with current technology than to try to repair it. Well, the man-hours could be higher, due to the multiple problems that could exist, and that would require to be corrected.

    Is there a way to speed up positioning?

    The positioning of the site is a multifactorial issue, but in a hypothetical scenario where the website already meets all the requirements, it is possible to accelerate the positioning. You must know beforehand that the website is positioned due to the traffic or visits of people to its content, in such a way that by investing in google it is possible to accelerate the positioning.

    A positioned site can lose its ranking?

    Of course, yes, a website requires maintenance, updating and loading of new content. The friendlier the site is, and the more content and information it contributes to the community, the better this website will be perceived by search networks and will stand out from other similar sites. A website that is not maintained will gradually lose its location.